Advocacy and Alliance building

Urgent Action Fund has made well over 1,000 grants to women’s human rights activists in 97 countries around the world.

Through this work we have developed a rich store of institutional knowledge on the strategies and needs of women’s human rights activists, and the contexts in which they work. And because we are a rapid funder, we can integrate new knowledge of emerging trends impacting activists in real time.

We created our Advocacy and Alliance Building program to leverage this unique perspective in support of activists. When we perceive a trend, we bring together grassroots activists, feminists, women’s human rights defenders, academics and policy-makers to design the best strategic response. Some projects are designed to raise awareness of a certain issue in activist, funder, and policy circles, such as the Impacts of Counterterrorism project; others are designed to bring activists and policy-makers together to create policy change, such as the Women, Peace and Policy initiative.

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