Resourcing Resilience Grant

This grant is available to women and non-binary human rights defenders and organisations in Asia and the Pacific who – on their own or in collaboration with others – seek to implement an initiative, including unanticipated opportunity, that would contribute towards resourcing resilience for their activism.



  1. Women or Non-Binary[2]Led – women or non-binary human rights defenders must be the primary beneficiaries of the grant, preferably channelled via a women’s rights organisation;
  2. Human Rights Focus – the organisation promotes the advancement of women's and/or LBTQI's human rights using nonviolent tactics or strategies and upholds the universality of human rights;
  3. Strategic Intervention – the grant requested is earmarked for an intervention that responds to unfolding situations or unanticipated opportunities for the protection and support of women and non-binary defenders. It may also be a bold, strategic, creative or innovative in a way that expands current approaches of resourcing resilience for women's human rights and human rights activism;
  4. Time-bound – the proposed initiative must be implemented within 3 months of approval of an application and completed within 6 months thereafter;
  5. Supported or Networked – the defender or the organisation has the support of others involved in women’s human rights, sexual rights or related fields of human rights at local or national level.



UAF A&P provides grants of up to USD $5,000 only. Subsequent applications from the same defender or organisation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


  • Cisgender males[3] or Cisgender male-led organisations or network;
  • Individual requests without endorsement by an organisation, established community or established network affiliation or a UAF A&P advisor;
  • Activities or projects for humanitarian crises or natural disasters;
  • Activities or projects focused on development aid or charity assistance;
  • Projects or activities that are part of the regular programmes of an organisation;
  • Regular operating budgets and/or bridge funding (to fill a funding gap).

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[1]  The application must meet all of the following criteria.  

[2] Non-binary is an umbrella term referring to individuals whose gender identity and/or gender expression are not exclusively masculine or feminine, male or female — thus, are outside of the gender binary and cisnormativity. UAF AP uses this term to encompass androgyny, polygender, genderqueer, gender fluid and a-gender individuals.

[3] Cisgender Males are individuals who identify as male and who were assigned male at birth

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights Asia and Pacific (UAF A&P)