Our Sister Funds

In partnership with three sister funds, Urgent Action Fund-Africa, Urgent Action Fund-Latin America and Urgent Action Fund (USA), we provide support for women’s human rights defenders (WHRDs) based in Asia and the Pacific.

Each sister Urgent Action Fund is today an independent and autonomous organization. Building on our shared history, we use a common rapid response model and work collaboratively to advocate for women’s human rights.

Via this initiative, we collectively support women’s leadership and activism in 110 countries around the world, including areas affected by armed conflict, escalating violence, political volatility and extreme repression.

To make a gift to support women’s human rights defenders in Asia and the Pacific, please CLICK HERE to go to our online donation page.

Urgent Action Fund-Africa

Urgent Action Fund-Africa was launched in 2001 in Nairobi, Kenya. It was the first Rapid Response funder based on the continent and now provides rapid response grants in 45 countries across Africa. Urgent Action Fund-Africa promotes women’s leadership to bring about justice and equity, and contributes to the creation of a society free from conflict. Urgent Action Fund-Africa focuses on areas affected by armed conflict, escalating violence, political volatility and extreme repression. Please visit Urgent Action Fund-Africa’s website for more information.

Urgent Action Fund-Latin America // Fondo De Acción Urgente De América Latina

Urgent Action Fund-Latin America was launched in Bogotá, Colombia in 2009. It provides rapid response grants for activists and their organizations in all countries of Central and South America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. Urgent Action Fund-Latin America has a special focus on land and environmental rights and on supporting human rights activism by women in contexts impacted by conflict. Please visit Urgent Action Fund-Latin America’s website for more information.

Urgent Action Fund (Oakland, USA)

Urgent Action Fund, as part of women’s rights movements worldwide, supports women’s rights activists striving to create cultures of justice, equality, and peace. UAF (USA) provides Rapid Response Grants to women and transgender human rights defenders that enable strategic interventions. It participates in collaborative Advocacy and Alliance Building in order to mobilize broader support for the work of human rights defenders throughout the world. For an explanation of UAF (USA)'s values and philanthropic approach click here.

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights Asia and Pacific (UAF A&P)
email: info@uafanp.org