Our Values

Our values are rooted in our community and stem from consultations amongst staff, advisors, board members grantees and partners. These values ground our work and purpose and allow us to respond to the evolving needs of activists, communities, movements and the contexts in which we work.


Learning and unlearning as a way to collaboratively thrive and flourish


Relationship-building and nurturing trust


Fore-fronting lived experiences of defenders and activists


Intentionally acknowledging our position as a funder to shift power and redistribute privilege

context value

Flexibility to understand contexts of activists and defenders, and the support they require


Be amplifiers and facilitators for feminist movements to be seen and heard

Learning from setbacks

Learning from setbacks to improve and improvise

Resourcing Resilience


Resourcing Resilience

Often, the contexts in which we work are unpredictable and politically volatile. Resilient defenders and organisations protect and support their communities by taking bold, creative and innovative steps to respond to emerging issues and unanticipated opportunities.

We resource resilience by listening deeply to our community and partners and offering necessary resources to women and non-binary human rights defenders and organisations in Asia and the Pacific when those resources are needed the most.

Building resilience also includes creating safe and inclusive environments, amplifying and generating critical information, practicing feminist models of leadership, and above all, adapting, learning and responding as we go.


Our Support Ecosystem

Rapid response grantmaking

Rapid Response


Strategic Support to Defender Communities


Mobilising and Redistributing Resources


We derive strength from our membership in a global sisterhood of Urgent Action Funds. Each sister fund is autonomous, and each fund makes grants and fundraises within the region where they operate. Together, the sister funds have built solidarity and co-responsibility for a more just world. We practice collaboration, sharing power, and challenging the status quo, while also respecting our individual identities as regional funders grounded in our communities.

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